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Visitor Statements on HAPTICA® live ´16
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I found the lecture programme really good, it comprises of concise sessions with great speakers, who come straight to the point, they are not too long-winded, yet they are still in-depth – this simply enhances the trade fair perfectly. Above all, the HAPTICA® live offers the added value of an individual experience. Each visitor can put together his own trade fair programme from the different components of the event. One can visit the stands and also take advantage of the additional offers of information where relevant so that one arranges one’s day efficiently.

Deutsche Telekom, Tim Schiller

The HAPTICA® live is an experience every year, which certainly makes travelling 90 km worthwhile. I can haptically experience the promotional products here that I would like to implement for my company, which has an impact on my buying decisions. I am looking for creative give-aways in the electronics and sweets segments as well as items for the European Football Championships for different events for our kick-off meetings. Furthermore, we would like to provide our sales representatives with gifts for our customers. In some cases we have concrete ideas, but would like to use the event as a source of new inspiration as well.

Barmenia Versicherungen, Michael Kirschner

The relocation to Bonn did the event good – the foyer offers plenty of room and light, the exhibition stands are distributed nicely and the stage in the hall is centrally located. The combination between a product show that makes the spectrum of haptic advertising experienceable and the short, concise lectures with speakers from totally different industries, including also well-known brands proved particularly successful. With its wide variety of product and best practice examples, the HAPTICA® live demonstrates that companies put a lot of thought into how they can literally make their brand tangible through haptic advertising – this provides inspiration for one’s own implementation of haptic advertising.

Heads by.Johland, Stephan Johland

I am very impressed by the location – particularly by the light-flooded foyer, which creates an airy atmosphere. It is great fun spending the day here. The selection of exhibitors that present at the HAPTICA® live is ideal for my needs – here all of the products are presented that I need to plan all campaigns for the current year so I am well-armed for the coming months. I am looking for both high-quality give-aways for the end consumer and for premium gifts that our Key Account Managers implement to please their customers for special occasions.

Zeitungsverlag Aachen, Elke Hugot

We attend the show to gain inspiration and find out which promotional products can be implemented. My expectations have been exceeded: Lots of promotional material in a condensed form with high quality exhibitors. Although we would welcome a few more from the middle price segment. As organisers we are predominantly interested in give-aways, which we can distribute to our participants. We discovered an umbrella today that we want to implement for our seminars in future.

VDI Wissensforum, Timo Taubitz

I am an editor and am here with my media designers practically as a further educational event. We work for the Federal Army in the Operative Communications Department and are interested in products that we can among others use for application abroad, i.e. fountain pens as a gift for guests, when one meets the village eldest in Afghanistan. We have found many interesting items here which we can also use internally in order to position ourselves as a “media battalion“ within the armed forces. The trade show is small, but fine and at the same time offers a very wide-ranging offer. I found the lectures super too.

Bundeswehr ZOpkomBW, Vincent Gall

I really like the new location, everything is great, a little more clearly arranged, more space – a lovely, big show. I didn’t bring any of my customers with me – I still have a bit of a problem with that. Namely, I had the feeling two or three times today that I was quoted end user prices – and of course that shouldn’t be the case. However, in general, I could imagine bringing customers along to demonstrate the entire diversity of promotional products to them. That will probably be quite normal in a few years.

Werbemittel Siebenschuh, Björn Ruloff

We are from the software industry and have our own in-house show, which we are looking for promotional products for. And a colleague of ours recommended the HAPTICA® live. We have gathered ideas for smart products here that we can pack inside the exhibition bag for our customers. We have also been able to gather some inspiration for our own event here. Our summary: great location, well organised, super design.

JTL-Software, Armin Joisten and Kai Brückers

This is the third time I have visited the HAPTICA® live and I find the relocation to Bonn great because of the increased number of exhibitors. Everything is somewhat bigger and more open. The light-flooded foyer is also very impressive. I come here to discover novelties, but also to see the suppliers. I could imagine bringing customers with me next year.

Provend, Florian Brünicke

For me the Best Practice Special Show is particularly interesting because it shows application examples of how promotional products can be creatively implemented. As a technology company with customers from the machine construction, automobile technology sectors, etc., promotional products with a technical association are, of course, ideal for us, i.e. custom-designed USB sticks, which I have discovered here.

BorTec, Andreas Hunger

We are a Bonn-based printing shop and this is the first time we have visited a promotional products show. There is everything the heart desires at the HAPTICA® live – from high-quality products through to classic give-aways. The product ranges of the branded companies that everyone knows are particularly interesting for us, i.e. Faber-Castell, Pustefix, reisenthel, Samsonite and Steiff, whom we visited in a targeted manner, because we want to advertise using high-quality items.

Köllen Druck & Verlag, Mark Düren

I have been familiar with the HAPTICA® live from the very beginning and I really like the concept of the event. We didn’t have to invite or bring our customers with us, they were already informed and in fact they asked us if we wanted to meet up here. They have free access to information here, can examine a manageable number of novelties and talk to the suppliers. I find the framework and the way that it is used very good. The HAPTICA® live is informative and thanks to the inspiring atmosphere, it does the promotional product good as a medium.

S&P Werbeartikel, Carsten Lenz

I had expected there to be a few more exhibitors, but for the themes for which I specifically came – among others, small give-aways of a playful nature – I also find the appropriate suppliers. I took a look at the special zones and I found the exhibits very inspiring. Whereby one could point out more explicitly exactly what these exhibitions are about. I will definitely attend again next year.

Freundeskreis Einsatzgruppenversorger Bonn e.V., Annett Reimers

We are tea specialists and our portfolio also includes accessories such as cups. Hence, porcelain suppliers are especially interesting for us, but also sweets that we can implement as onpacks. I have found both here today, one can let oneself be nicely inspired here. I really like the concept of the event with the lectures, but also the size, appearance and atmosphere.

5 Cups and some sugar, Moritz Weeger

This is my fourth visit to the HAPTICA® live and I can only convey my compliments. The growth in the number of exhibitors particularly impressed me this year as well as the quality of the suppliers – everything one could dream of is gathered together here. Some of the product areas such as porcelain or writing instruments were covered several times so that one had the opportunity to make comparisons and gather detailed information in individual discussions. I took the day off today so that I could take my time to examine everything. As Director of Corporate Communications, I am always on the look-out for creative ideas for promotional gifts and at the HAPTICA® live I gain an overview that I would never find in catalogues. The event simply offers an all-round care-free package – from the pleasant reception at the entrance, to the great organisation, through to details like branded hand cream in the toilets.

Kanzan Spezialpapiere, Andrea Hürfeld

We are here for three reasons: because of the suppliers, the lectures and the distinguished products exhibited from the Promotional Gift Award, because they always include great ideas. We have actually taken part ourselves in the past, which is why we know how much work is involved behind the distinguished products and campaigns. The start-up company Einhorn particularly impressed us in the lecture programme. It is exciting to find out how other companies advertise their products. One of the product highlights of this year’s HAPTICA® live was the coffee-to-go porcelain mug by Mahlwerck.

graf. Kommunikation, Mikel Graf and Malin Pieper

The HAPTICA® live is an incredibly exciting trade show. I find it interesting to see what new, creative ideas there are in the area of haptic advertising and like letting myself be inspired, i.e. by the Best Practice Special Show. The lectures with speaker from renowned companies like Pernod Ricard give a good insight into how marketing themes can be implemented in practice. Because I am always interested in addressing the customer in a very individual way I am also especially interested in the different customising options that I was able to experience here, in some cases live.

zeit.agenten, Markus W. Göschl