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Visitor Statements on HAPTICA® live ´15
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„I really like the show. I am positively surprised about the number and the variety of the exhibitors. I also find the supporting programme very good and very important. I spent most of the time looking at the Best-Practice Special Show and the Promotional Gift Award exhibition. There are so many amusing ideas among them that I sometimes spent minutes stood in front of them in sheer amazement at the ideas that people come up with. I find it very impressive and inspiring.“

Mark Zechiel, PAOL Promotion Austria, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„This is my first visit to the HAPTICA® live and I am here above all to gather new ideas and impulses. I particularly liked the Best-Practice Special Show because it presented really amusing and creative ideas. In my opinion an even greater focus should be placed on this exhibition.“

Thomas Kopf, MCM Klosterfrau Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„This is the first time I have visited the HAPTICA® live and my expectations have been exceeded by far. I am sure we will be able to implement a lot of what we have seen and discovered here in our marketing measures. I have gained a lot of impulses, held many good discussions –and all of this in an extremely pleasant atmosphere.“

Manfred Schmitz, Krimiland Eifel, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„Visiting the event certainly paid off for us and we have benefited from the visit much more than we expected. We have found a supplier, whose alignment exactly fits the criteria we have been looking for. Furthermore, we have been able to establish manifold contacts.“

Jörg Holsmölle, IPS Druck & Produktionsservice GmbH, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„I came to the HAPTICA® live in order to gain concrete input and new ideas for our company anniversary next year, which I would like to implement new promotional products for. The interesting lectures were a further reason for my visit and I found the Best Practice Special Show very exciting. It was great to see examples of such successful campaigns.“

Gudrun Hams, Dermasence P&M Cosmetics GmbH & Co. KG, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„I wanted to get an overview of different packaging solutions and have found someone here, who works in the textile sector. Overall, I find the atmosphere here at the event very nice. I personally like the fact that the show isn’t too big. It makes it more effective for us because one can establish more personal contacts to the exhibitors.“

Heike Schmidt, Stickdesign-Studio, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„I was very pleased that we were supported so well in the run-up to the event and that here at the show everything is so professionally organised. I have heard many great lectures that gave me some important insights. I particularly enjoyed the Best-Practice Special Show and the prize-ceremony of the Promotional Gift Award. They enable me to see what’s new, what’s outstanding and what’s innovative. These are the ideas that I can pass on to my customers.“

Stefan Breitzke, step-by-steb e.K., HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„I like the event very much. I was able to gain many impressions, discover innovative items and ideas. The location is very nice too. It makes a change to a normal exhibition hall.“

Alice Gervelmeyer, NOSTA-Transport GmbH, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„This is already the third time I have visited the HAPTICA® live and it is exciting to see how the event grows. The show offers a successful mixture of activities and a good overall concept, which provides many great ideas and enables one to establish good contacts.“

Philipp Weitkamp, Fairmittlung, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„I find the event totally exciting, because I am also continually confronted with new, crazy ideas at the Innovation Centre too. That is why I am looking for new, crazy ideas here as well – and I am finding them.“

Dr. Heinz Bettmann, East of the Rhine Technology and Innovation Centre Cologne GmbH, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„The HAPTICA® live is exactly the right platform for pushing the image of the promotional product, which still often slightly goes under in the marketing mix. Even though haptic advertising items are the ideal medium for getting into dialogue with the customer. As an advertising agency, we are looking for promotional products, which our customers can use to address and impress their target group. We have been able to discover very many new and innovative products today, including an extraordinary coffee mug with a special shape and surface that we have been looking for in vain until now. Our praise goes to the exhibiting companies, who responded very openly towards our requirements during the discussions held.“

Melanie and Tony M. Kuhn, pepper worX, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„We are always on the lookout for give-aways for trade shows and have found a large selection of nice gimmicks at the HAPTICA® live. I find it very exciting how well-known products are often implemented in new ways. Furthermore, we are award winners of the Promotional Gift Award 2015. Alongside the German Packaging Prize and the iF Design Award, the PGA has a very high standing, because it places the spotlight on our advertising concepts and Best Practice ideas, enabling us to show our customers that we not only offer packaging, but also prize-worthy promotional products.“

Hardy Hull, Thimm Verpackung, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„We found exactly what we had been looking for at the HAPTICA® live, namely great products, new ideas and nice discussions. The exhibitor mix is very diverse and ranges from standard products through to unique items. As a result of the combination between a product show, lecture programme and Best Practice Special Show, there are many opportunities to gather ideas and inspiration. We found the right partners among the exhibiting companies for our enquiries and requirements and received excellent advice.“

Carsten Fuchs, Gute Botschafter, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„Three of us came from the advertising agency today to see which new items we can offer our customers. Although we have already been here for over five hours, we still haven’t seen everything. One day simply isn’t enough to take in all aspects of the event in the desired degree of detail and one often spends quite a lot of time at a single stand. We have found some interesting items among the sweets and writing instruments and we listened to a lecture that was extremely exciting and entertaining.“

Monika Meyndt, Inmotto, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„I’d describe the HAPTICA® live as being live and vibrant. I wasn’t expecting the event to be as well-attended. I liked the exhibitor mix, whereby it could be further extended with a few other sectors. Some product groups are strongly represented, whereas others are hardly represented at all, such as the print area for instance. Nevertheless, I have been able to gain a great deal of inspiration and given the diversity of the information I have gathered it is certainly going to take a lot of time to evaluate it – a luxury problem. Finally, I found the fact that everything was concentrated into a one-day event very successful, because the visitors can acquire concentrated knowledge within the short space of time of just one day.“

Thomas Ehm, NOVO-Organisationsmittel, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„The event was informative and the product portfolio was very diversified. I have seen great new products and placed many enquiries. I personally would welcome more attention being placed on POS marketing. It was exciting to see how the creative heads actually implemented their ideas in the Best Practice Special Show. For example, it inspires one to be more creative oneself when implementing promotional products.“

Daniela Eitrich, Somfy, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„I have only been self-employed for six months and I am looking for the appropriate advertising gifts for my clients. I didn’t have a concrete idea about which items are most suitable for this purpose beforehand and have been positively taken by surprise here. The exhibitors advised me extensively and I have lots of ideas to take home with me.“

 Anette Jürges, Büroservice Oberberg, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„The HAPTICA® live is a wonderful event, at which I have been able to gather a lot of inspiration. I already found a concrete idea at last year’s event that went down well and this year I have also discovered some give-aways that are just right for my customers.“

Dr. Thomas Bittner, Organomics, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„The promotional product should always be part of a wide spectrum of marketing measures, because it makes an ideal sales booster and increases the brand awareness of the promoting companies. In addition to the products of the existing companies, the Best Practice Special Show also offered many innovative and creative examples of application. This motivates others to develop their own ideas.“

Joachim Arnheiter, JoSA Werbeartikel, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor


„The promotional product should always be part of a wide spectrum of marketing measures, because it makes an ideal sales booster and increases the brand As a promotional products distributor the HAPTICA® live enables me to initiate new projects together with my industry customers and the exhibitors. All of the product groups one needs for the purpose are represented here. I particularly like the fact that colleagues from the marketing sector are reporting about how they implement promotional products and why they are so important in the scope of the lecture programme. It is not just about the hardware, i.e. a concrete product, but also about the underlying software – this information helps to raise the profile of the promotional product. It is not only possible to find new products here, one can also learn something too.“

Frank Dunkerbeck, Point of Promotion, HAPTICA® live ‘15 visitor