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Visitor Statements on HAPTICA® live ´14

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„Although marketing communications often don’t place the focus on haptic advertising, it is a very exciting theme. So, I was curious to see how this discipline would be presented at the HAPTICA® live and I must say I liked the event much more that I had expected. The stands and the special exhibitions provide a wealth of inspiration. A lot of renowned companies are exhibiting here, but on the other hand also a lot of firms that surprise with new products and ideas. The stand where you can have your own individual flipbook made is a real highlight. The staff at the stands are very open and targeted, there is an overall friendly atmosphere. The lecture programme could perhaps have set a stronger emphasis.“

Henning Fretzdorff, MCM Klosterfrau, HAPTICA® live ‘14 visitor


„This is my first visit and I am very impressed by the event. There are many innovative products to be discovered and the Best Practice examples are very inspiring. On the one hand, I am looking for very specific promotional products for our customers, on the other hand I am keeping an eye out for new ideas. I am finding both at the HAPTICA® live. The consistent high quality of the exhibited products is praiseworthy. I found some of the lectures a bit too superficial. I would have expected a little more depth for a trade audience.“

Ines Kessler, Interemotion Advertising Agency, HAPTICA® live ‘14 visitor


„I think the name of the event hits the nail on the head: Advertising is made more tangible here. I particularly find the creative ideas of the special exhibition and the innovative products of the PGA exhibition extremely interesting. These are two totally different concepts, which are equally exciting. It is astounding the ideas that one can come up with, if one doesn’t just whack promotional products out.“

Rolf Enzenauer, Dialog-Friends, HAPTICA® live ‘14 visitor


„It is a very nice event with a charming mix, not too small and not too big – ideal for a one-day show. Of course, I am interested in everything to do with paper and I have found a few products. I also enjoyed the lectures and the Promotional Gift Award prize-giving ceremony. Thanks to the music that accompanied the individual award winning products, the attention of the onlookers was attracted the whole time, it was entertaining and amusing.“

Vanessa Lehr, Paperazzo, HAPTICA® live ‘14 visitor


„Standard items like ballpoints and sticky notes are not that interesting for us, instead we are looking for special, relatively big items. I have seen a few things that really impressed me, such as an individualisable toaster and customisable tools. We also use the event to find new suppliers and cooperation partners. The size of the fair enables us to take plenty of time for dialogues at the individual stands. I find the subsequent get-together brilliant, because it is possible to establish contacts over a glass of beer or cola in a relaxed atmosphere.“

Charalampos Tsirakidis, Markenhelden, HAPTICA® live ‘14 visitor


„The manner of the networking and the confrontation with novelties is much more productive than at the big events. Because the majority of the important suppliers, whom I prefer to work with, are here, I am considering bringing my entire sales team with me next year.“

Markus Angermayr, Forum Werbemittel, HAPTICA® live ‘14 visitor


„We invited several of our customers to the HAPTICA® live and went from stand to stand with them. The feedback was very positive: The customers were delighted to receive our advice and have the chance to experience the haptic products. If they had visited the show on their own, they might not have discovered those products that are suitable for them, because they were overwhelmed by the incredible selection. For us distributors a platform like this is a good opportunity to convince buyers and marketing employees with our medium.“

Carsten Lenz, S&P Werbeartikel, HAPTICA® live ‘14 visitor


„A big praise to the event: It is just the right size. There is a great exhibitor mix. I am specifically looking for mailing boosters and have already found some. The lectures provided exciting impulses. I particularly enjoyed the Henkel presentation on haptic advertising in the B2B communication as well as the payback lecture on multichannel marketing.“

Nicole Kammann, Deutsche Post, Dialogue Solutions Central Group, HAPTICA® live ‘14 visitor


„I had never even thought about the range of possibilities and have gained a good impression here as to how promotional products can be implemented to raise awareness for one’s own brand. With everything tangible one of five senses is addressed – that is like a sort of anchor that I can use as a communication channel.“

Axel Hombach, NOJ Coaching, HAPTICA® live ‘14 visitor


„The event has made a positive impression on me. Cologne is a good choice for the location, the premises are very attractive and the service – including the especially arranged shuttle service – leaves no wishes unanswered. I like the mix of exhibitors, both standard products and new promotional products can be found here and I will be taking one or two innovative ideas with me.“

Julia Laska, CDI Concepts Development Integration, HAPTICA® live ‘14 visitor


„As a provider of digital business information we like to provide our customers with innovations and back up this claim using innovative promotional products. I found the exhibition areas very inspiring, I actually found some of the products at the stands of the exhibitors afterwards. One often doesn’t have enough time to be creative, so practical examples are important to incite lateral thinking. Furthermore, many of the items excel because of their high value and haptic qualities – this trend is very nicely visible at the event.“

Silke Traurig-Eckerskorn, Bisnode Deutschland GmbH, HAPTICA® live ‘14 visitor


„I find the Best Practice special exhibition extremely exciting. You find out what is actually happening on the market, can pick up basic ideas and use them as the foundation for the development of new ideas. If one is always creative and continually develops new things, it is great to receive input and that is the case here.“

Karin Dicke, Dicke & Partner, HAPTICA® live ‘14 visitor


„Finding out about novelties and innovations. We manufacture items for babies and toddlers and we supply around 100 specialised distributors from Germany to Japan. I believe that advertising gifts are principally important for customer relations – in our case this applies for both our business relationships with our trade partners and when addressing the end consumers. Promotional products have to be designed so that they are attractive to look at, fulfil a function, which in turn makes them popular items.“

Tanja-Maria Werner, Lottas Lable, HAPTICA® live ‘14 visitor