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Statements on the HAPTICA® live ‘13


I thought the event would be a bit bigger, but I really like it, particularly the Best Practice special exhibition in the adjacent hall. Here, the products are well presented and decorated accordingly so that you can see how they have been implemented. On the other hand, it is a good exhibitor mix, but the trade fair itself is pretty similar to other in-house shows. I would have appreciated more examples of application and customising techniques.

Marco Wiesemann, Lounge5, HAPTICA® live ’13 visitor


In our role as distributors, we too campaign for the promotional product in Upper Bavaria. That is why we support such events that are open to all segments of the market in an aim to promote the promotional product. The premiere was a good start on the way to achieving the aim of arousing awareness for the promotional product. The Best Practice special exhibition should be further expanded in future. This provides the greatest opportunity to provide the visitors with ideas of how promotional products can be ideally implemented. I have a few suggestions for improvement: There were very few elements of surprise among the exhibitors. More examples of application, extraordinary printing techniques, etc. would distinguish the event more from in-house shows. The promotional product could be presented in a more eye-catching manner, in the entrance area, in the catering areas, etc. And charging 50 Euros for the evening event doesn’t correspond to the price/performance ratio.

Christian Höfling, werbemax, HAPTICA® live ’13 visitor


We are positively surprised. The organisation was great, it is an open, compact and manageable location, the response is good. The mixture between lectures, the Promotional Gift Award prize-ceremony and a trade fair is good because there is plenty of variety.

Christian Pfaff, bellydesign, HAPTICA® live ’13 exhibitor


I have seen several innovations at the exhibitors‘ stands, but also many standard items that one is familiar with, here it is more about finding new ways of implementing them. I found the Best Practice exhibition interesting, because the products convey a message and have been very intelligently implemented in order to enhance the brand value.

Michael Jerxen, re-bird UG, HAPTICA® live ’13 visitor


We really like it. We visit diverse trade shows also here in Munich and in comparison the HAPTICA® live is much better. We have found lots of ideas at the stands of the exhibitors and in the exhibition of the winners of the Promotional Gift Award, which are suitable for our target groups – chemists and the customers of chemists. It was worth a visit purely for the inventiveness of the ideas.

Stephanie Pielsticker, EurimPharm Arzneimittel, HAPTICA® live ’13 visitor


We are very happy. We constantly had visitors at our stand from the start of the event until it finished. The quality of the discussions was good, the industry customers showed great interest and in some cases also had concrete enquiries. The special thing about the event is on the one hand the visitor mix – being able to address both industry customers and promotional products distributors – and the unique combination of the Promotional Gift Award prize-giving ceremony and the accompanying exhibition.

Anne Pfannmüller, koziol »ideas for friends, HAPTICA® live ’13 exhibitor


The event has more of the nature of a small family get-together rather than a trade fair. The ambiance is wonderful and integrating the Promotional Gift Award prize-giving ceremony was a clever move.

Jürgen Kampmann, Kampmann GmbH, HAPTICA® live ’13 visitor


I feel very much at home here, have held good discussions, have gained a lot of inspiration. I particularly enjoyed the lecture, even though the programme was very sport-oriented. I am impressed with the creative input that one gains here.

Bernd Schuckmann, 53 Grad e.K., HAPTICA® live ’13 visitor


There is a very good mix between high-quality industry customers and also well known and in some cases unknown promotional products distributors, with whom we can work closely together with to find solutions for the enquiries. A pure trade fair probably wouldn’t have been such a crowd-puller. But the combination between a trade fair, lecture programme, the Promotional Gift Award prize-giving ceremony, event and product show is a very attractive mix. The attendance figures also prove that it works.

Günter Schmidt, Fare, HAPTICA® live ’13 exhibitor


There is a great atmosphere. Manufacturers, distributors and users meet up and can learn from each other. It is also logical that the Promotional Gift Award is conferred here. Because this underlines the fact that we are not merely an advertising gift sector, but that we also enable a communication transfer.

Stefan Furtmayr, furtmayr & partner, HAPTICA® live ’13 visitor



The event unites all aspects of our branch, the distributor side and the supplier side. All of the people here want to present their ideas, show that they are part of the sector and that they interact with each other in a friendly way. We held great discussions with fellow distributors, which is something one doesn’t have in this form at other shows like the PSI.

Nadine Kittelmann, Bauchgefühl, HAPTICA® live ’13 visitor


The location radiates a big, bright, positive atmosphere. The visitors were very interested and open, both the industry customers, who we don’t otherwise have any direct contact to and who reacted positively to our products and the distributors. We have received several concrete enquiries, both from distributors and from industry customers.

Carolin Haverkamp, KHK GmbH, HAPTICA® live ’13 exhibitor