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Exhibitor Statements on HAPTICA® live ´14


„The event unites a high demand in quality with perfect organisation. This is reflected by both the level of specialised suppliers and the open-minded customers. As a result of the expanded concept, the HAPTICA® live has become an experience and clearly distinguishes itself from pure product shows. Marketing executives occupy themselves with many different themes, the promotional product is in most cases just one element among many. As such, we have to convince these clients again and again about the power of the promotional product and inspire them to implement it effectively in the marketing mix. This is not possible by merely presenting individual products, which is why it is logical to get the customers on board by offering lectures, concrete ideas for campaigns and networking opportunities. If we can explain to lemonade manufacturers how we can implement individual aromas, or jointly come up with the idea of placing 3D wheels on lip care sticks together with a car manufacturer, we have already achieved a great deal.“

Natalie Schaefers, KHK, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„We see the HAPTICA® live as an opportunity to support promotional products distributors in advising their industry customers. It is not about supplying the industry customers directly, but indeed about helping them to come up with new ideas. The distributors don’t always have the time and perhaps not always the opportunity to present their product line-up to the industry customers. So this type of direct communication is important for us as suppliers.“

Joep Raanhuis, Joytex, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„Due to the manageable size of the event and the wide-ranging programme including lectures, award and best practice exhibitions, the audience focuses on the promotional product. On the one hand, the limited number of exhibitors leads to a relaxed atmosphere, on the other hand to intensive discussions. In my opinion, the fact that the event is open to all market participants is in keeping with the times and necessary, especially for those suppliers, who don’t manufacture products for the mainstream. This facilitates the transfer of important information to the decision makers. I am convinced that the HAPTICA® live will establish itself in the changing trade fair landscape.“

Frank Jansen, J. G. Niederegger, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„Like the year before, the HAPTICA® live ‘14 was very successful for Moleskine. The quality of the discussions and the high attendance numbers from the industry and specialised trade are impressive. An innovative exhibitor mix as well as the integration of best practice exhibitions, lectures and the Promotional Gift Award offer a fantastic platform for the topic ‚Haptic Advertising‘.“

Martin Hopp, Moleskine by Exclusive Gifts B2B, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„The attractive exhibitor mix offers us an optimal touch-point for brand signals. We consider the best practice exhibition, the lectures and the presentation of the Promotional Gift Award prize-winners to be „particularly valuable“. In our opinion, the HAPTICA® live is a future-oriented marketplace for the entire promotional products industry.“

Josef Bösl, Kahla/Thüringen, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„We particularly appreciate the opportunity of presenting ourselves to the marketing decision-makers from different industries. That is very important, the direct communication with the interested parties and customers from the industry provides a real added value for us as manufacturers. The overall concept is coherent: Lectures and exhibitions not only demonstrate the creative power of promotional products to the customers, they also provide us as suppliers with new ideas and food for thought for our product range and the presentation of our products.“

Regina Strobel, Ravensburger Spieleverlag, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„The event definitely has a lot of potential. Such a well-attended show is a rarity, which was no doubt due to the supporting programme. Personally, I didn’t have the opportunity to listen to the lectures for instance, because I prefer to stay at the stand and make sure I don’t miss a customer, but I find it good that the visitors are offered this opportunity.“

Christian Kempf, Picard Lederwaren, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„Both the presentation and location as well as the frequency of visitors convinced us. The long queue in the entrance lobby at half past ten in the morning was crazy, we certainly didn’t expect that. There are three of us on the stand – our entire external sales team – and up until now all three of us have been holding dialogues continually. The different zones like the Best Practice special exhibition are going down very well with the visitors. The visitors are talking about the examples shown at the stands, making comparisons and perhaps even approaching us with their own ideas based on what they have seen in the exhibition. Of course, that makes consulting dialogues much more fun than when the customers just let us passively advise them. In addition to the PSI, the Newsweek and the individual in-house shows, HAPTICA® live is nice platform to show the industry’s entire spectrum and to bring the manufacturers, importers, distributors and the industry together. At first, one is perhaps still a bit sceptical, but personally, I feel it works very well and everyone is very open. And considering how busy it was here today, I take it for granted that we will take part again next year.“

Sebastian Tatzel, XD Design by Xindao, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„We had a lot of visitors at the stand and held very good discussions, the quality of the visitors and the seriousness of the enquiries was very convincing. The supporting programme offers the guests interesting added value, they learn a lot about the application options of promotional products. I really like the location too, however the car park situation leaves room for improvement.“

Pia Rippl, Faber-Castell, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„We are exhibiting for the first time this year and find the fair fantastic – plenty of visitors, interesting discussions, a good atmosphere, it was simply well organised. We collected as many business cards in one day than we sometimes do in two days. As such, the time and money we invested in our presence at the show was a good investment.“

Guy Desseaux, BelgoSweet.be, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„I found the event much better than last year. Four of us attended, which is a lot for a relatively young and small event like this, which underlines what significance the HAPTICA® live has for us. I find the concept of the event very convincing. It attracts visitors from both the trade and industry sectors. One simply has to offer more than merely a product show, here an abundance of information, expert knowledge and stimuli are offered.“

Jürgen Geiger, Geiger-Notes AG, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„It was the first I exhibited here and I am positively surprised. The other exhibitors are all very upmarket and the clientele here is fantastic. There was a rush of distributors and industry customers in the morning. People enquired about extremely high order volumes and also smaller volumes of 100 or 200 pieces. The supporting programme such as the prize-giving ceremony of the Promotional Gift Award lend the event its vibrant charm and prove that the promotional products market is always on the move. This concept has an inviting effect on the promotional products users, whereas a sheer exhibition would be boring.“

Jeannette Chouiki, naturkraftwerk, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„HAPTICA® live is our first show in the B2B sector. We opted for this event, because it is relatively small, and yet a lot of renowned exhibitors are represented. We already held many interesting dialogues within the first three hours and are very satisfied. I really like the location too and the organisation was super – we are totally happy.“

Irene Meindl, mymuesli GmbH, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„Compared to the premiere last year we had more visitors at our stand and the quality of the customers has also improved again. The uncomplicated mix between distributors and industry customers is fantastic. A faster admission registration system – especially in the morning – would be appreciated.“

Peter Leseberg, Halfar, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor


„When I sum up the whole day, I am truly impressed by the quality of the visitors and the discussions held. However, I find the fact that the event is divided up over two halls is rather unfortunate. Because we are located at the back of the hall, we didn’t have many visitors until midday. Although, I do actually like this sort of venue, because the industry charm creates a very special atmosphere.“

Anja Deroni, sigikid, HAPTICA® live ‘14 exhibitor