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Exhibitor Statements on HAPTICA® live ´16


We attended the show as visitors three times and were very impressed and now at the fourth edition of HAPTICA® live we participated as impressed exhibitors, even if the Palladium did have more charm. The event is excellently organised and we had many concrete enquiries. We didn’t mind being so close to the stage, on the contrary we found it very helpful, because the programme created a communicative setting. It gave us the opportunity to engage in conversations very easily and the visitors found it easier to explain what they were looking for. The supporting programme was interesting and very diversified, however it would have been nice if the winners of the Promotional Gift Award had been able to address the audience briefly.

Susanne Woll, Villeroy & Boch AG

We were totally impressed by the HAPTICA® live – both our location and the organisation and the catering were all first-class. The delivery process proved rather difficult due to the building work at the WCCB, but all in all the location is super. We found a lovely place and made a lot of good contacts. We will have to wait and see what develops from the discussions, because we didn’t always talk to decision-makers, but also to marketing assistants, who pick up and collect ideas, but who are not always able to implement these themselves. At this point, as an exhibitor we try to provide impulses and are eager to see what comes of it all. Since we were rushed off our feet the whole time, we unfortunately didn’t have any time to listen to the lectures.

ASS Altenburger/Spielkartenfabrik Altenburg GmbH, Salvatore Sangiorgio, Andrea Schlesinger

I attended the HAPTICA® live as a visitor last year and this year we are exhibiting for the first time. The customer structure is not exactly the point of attraction for us, because we exclusively supply to the promotional products business. So, we will have to wait and see what result the discussions brings. I wasn’t happy with our stand location, since particularly during the award ceremony of the Promotional Gift Award, we had to fight against the noise level of the loudspeakers especially when the prizes were handed over. However, the day went extremely well. Although there were four of us on the stand we had our hands full all day and held discussions with extremely interesting visitors.

PF Concept Deutschland GmbH, Dirk ter Horst

This is the third time we are on board and we appreciate the direct contact to industry customers, which distinguishes the show from other events. We can present our spectrum of products directly here even if our business runs exclusively via the distributors. The change of location really did the HAPTICA® live good: The WCCB is bigger, more spacious and simply offers more room and resting areas for the exhibitors and visitors. Our location was definitely fantastic and we had a lot of visitors, which meant that unfortunately we didn’t have any time to attend the lectures or visit the special shows. Our only suggestion for improvements would be better parking options on the assembly day.

SND PorzellanManufaktur, André Lauterbach

This is the fourth time we have taken part and we are delighted by the new location. The trade fair character of the HAPTICA® live is more clearly accentuated at the WCCB. We were also very happy with the location of our stand. For us the show doesn’t differ that much to the other events, because two thirds of the visitors at our stand are distributors. However, one must emphasise that the visitors here tend to have concrete enquiries. We were positively surprised by the fact that customers already visited the stand from 9.30 a.m. onwards and that the flow of visitors didn’t start dying down until 2 p.m. Although there were four of us, we didn’t have a chance to take a look round – that could have worked out differently depending on the flow of visitors.

James & Nicholson/myrtle beach, Tanja Damrath

We exhibited last year already at the HAPTICA® live and find the new location totally super. The heat in the exhibition hall and the level of noise during the lectures didn’t bother me, but I do hope we are allocated a rather more favourable location next year. In spite of the rather hidden position in the corner, many interesting visitors and important decision-makers found their way to my stand – the day went very well overall. I was surprised at how early the guests turned up here and that the hall had filled up very quickly by half past nine. The concept of bundling everything into one day obviously works well.

Orgahead Consulting & Trading GmbH, Michael Schwab

We exhibited at the HAPTICA® live for the first time two years ago and are here again this time, although unfortunately the location of our stand still isn’t much better. Not very many visitors make their way into this corner of the hall. I find both the overall concept and the visitor mix are excellent, the organisation was super too. Overall, in spite of the unfavourable stand location the day was successful, we will have to wait and see what the ultimate outcome is. However, I’d tend to say that we will participate again next year.

meterex Karl Kuntze (GmbH & Co.), Sascha Stoffregen