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Exhibitor Statements on HAPTICA® live ´15


„The successful event in 2014 encouraged us to exhibit at the HAPTICA® live again this year. The event demonstrates how promotional products can be lucratively integrated into marketing campaigns and how haptic advertising items can become ideal image profiling tools for promoting companies. The quality of the contacts was as high as ever again in 2015 and we held many discussions with decision-makers. Around 80% of the visitors at our stand were either industry customers or advertising agencies, around 20% were trade visitors from the promotional products trade.“

Hans-Rudolf Steiner, Victorinox, HAPTICA® live ‘15 exhibitor


„We have been representing Leonardo for around four years on the promotional products market. One of the other exhibitors drew our attention to the HAPTICA® live. The venue date at the end of March is ideal because we have brought all of our novelties with us that we recently exhibited for the first time at the Ambiente. The event is interesting for us because it focuses on the promotional product and addresses industry customers – unfortunately, this has not often been the case in Germany in the past. However, we would have welcomed more contacts with industry customers, the majority of the visitors were promotional products distributors – at our stand at least.“

Robert Reiner, glaskoch B. Koch Jr., HAPTICA® live ‘15 exhibitor


„We have been exhibiting at the event from the very start and we are totally convinced by its concept. This direct contact to the marketing managers helps us get to know the wishes and requirements of the different target groups and enables us to raise awareness for the Rituals brand on the promotional products market. Our advertisement on the back of the event guide attracted additional attention. The exhibition stand was well visited, however the number of visitors did decline significantly during the prize-ceremony of the Promotional Gift Award. Nevertheless, I find it important that the HAPTICA® live offers these different programme points and thus presents itself as a multi-faceted idea platform. Due to the difficult parking situation, I am in favour of the relocation from Cologne to Bonn, even though I really liked the Palladium as a location.“

Wil van Buyten, Trendfactory, HAPTICA® live ‘15 exhibitor


„We won some very good orders thanks to the event last year. However, I am afraid the outcome won’t be as positive this year – on the one hand because of the location of our stand, which I am not totally happy about and on the other hand because I don’t think the quality of the visitors is as good as it was in 2014. I am still impressed by the concept of the event with its diverse supporting programme and the fact that everything is compressed into one day. Even the catering leaves no wishes unfilled. I am curious to see what the location change will bring next year – the parking and hotel situation in Bonn will no doubt be easier.“

Christian Pfaff, bellydesign,  HAPTICA® live ‘15 exhibitor


„As first-time exhibitors we were really surprised today. We are represented at several trade fairs throughout the year, but the HAPTICA® live clearly stands out here. The event is very well-attended and we held many interesting discussions with decision-makers. The 110 exhibitors were carefully chosen and are a very good reflection of the German promotional products market. We were impressed by the fact that several distributors took the opportunity of bringing their customers with them. In our joint role as a supplier and a distributor, it gives us an ideal opportunity to convince marketing managers and industry buyers about our products and services.“

Alexander Czech, Sanders Imagetools, HAPTICA® live ‘15 exhibitor


„I really like the fact that the visitors are a mixture between promotional products distributors and industry customers. It is ideal if the promotional products consultant visits the stand together with his customers, because then we can jointly convey to them the real potential of the promotional product in the marketing mix. This is also why I find the Best Practice Special Show an extremely important aspect of the event and would be really pleased if this area is further expanded over the coming years. Furthermore, I could well imagine corresponding surveys on the effectiveness of promotional products being integrated more prominently into the concept of the event. Finally, all aspects of the event were very well organised..“

Alexander Ullmann, uma Schreibgeräte, HAPTICA® live ‘15 exhibitor